How about all this rain we're getting here in Atlantic County this week?

It certainly was a rainy start to the new school year for folks in South Jersey this September. Many parts of Atlantic and Cape May counties experienced some flooding due to all of the rainfall the region experienced over the last few days. Videos were posted to social media from places like Ocean City and Somers Point that show just how hard the rain fell over the first few days of the new month.

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Some families were complaining about another water issue in South Jersey this week. There was a problem reported by many residents in Somers Point regarding the water pressure. Apparently, many households are experiencing an issue with low water pressure this week.

According to screenshots shared to a post on a Somers Point-based Facebook Group, Somers Point residents should expect lower-than-usual water pressure from now through the end of September. An alert sent out to some residents via American Water, the company responsible for water distribution in the town, revealed that from September 5 through October 3, the company will be flushing the water within the Somers Point area.

If you're a resident and witness discoloration or a lower-than-normal water pressure throughout your home, it's due to that process. You're urged to refrain from doing any laundry if you see any discoloration in your water during this process. Per the folks from American Water, let the cold water run for about three to five minutes if your water looks a little funky over the next month.

Check out the message some Somers Point residents received from American Water via the screenshot below:

Again, this issue should only persist through the beginning of October.

Source: Facebook

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