It's back and better than ever! The annual celebration of summer at NJ's beloved "gas station" kicks off today (6/18) with brand new deals, brand new decorations, and a brand new brand --in order to make this year's Hoagiefest the best one YET!

But say goodbye to the 1960s-inspired, hippie/psychedelic, yellow Submarine-ish themes and graphics because this year's Hoagiefest is rebranding and creating a completely different vide according to NBC.  The site also states cheaper prices with $3 Juniors, $4 Shorties, $5 Classics are screaming your name at the convenience store.

We've all seen the billboards with the lifeguard holding binoculars as the first clue to the new look. However, Wawa plans to incorporate more ads featuring people like you and me who can enjoy some fun in the sun from weddings to baseball parks, beaches to concerts and more--that all feature how hoagies can play a role in our summertime fun.

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