There are no signs, no awnings, no big front window. Nothing says it's there, but it's there.

I'm talking about Pasqually's Pizza in Mays Landing (well, technically Hamilton Township, but we all call it Mays Landing, right?)

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Pasqually's Pizza has been around for over a year, but many haven't known about it, because they've never seen it.

I remember hearing about it, but I guess it kind of slipped my mind.

Until yesterday, when I went to the mailbox. There it was - a flyer from Pasqually's Pizza. As a matter of fact, the flyer contained a $5 off coupon code, so I said, "What the heck" and placed my order.


Problem - all the ordering is online, and, wouldn't you know, the coupon code didn't work.

That didn't stop me, I ordered anyway, and DoorDash was delivering it. I actually considered picking it up, but that wasn't an option with my online ordering.

Oh, by the way, I was going to pick it up, because I know where Pasqually's is located - even though the address isn't anywhere on their flyer.

Here's the shocker if you don't know by now: Pasqually's Pizza is... Chuck E. Cheese! That's right, over a year ago, hit with pandemic restrictions, Chuck E. Cheese branched out and started a pizza delivery service from right behind where the animatronic Chuckie and his band usually belts out tunes to the preschool set.

Apparently, they're still going strong!

Now, a couple of our kids have worked for DoorDash, so they knew exactly what Pasqually's Pizza is and what they do.

Chuck E. Cheese will tell you Pasqually's is their "premium" pizza brand, but I wonder if there really is a difference.

It's been a while since my kids were of Chuck E. Cheese age, but I do remember the pizza being good - or, at least it was good when I was trying to block out all the screaming and screeching from the table next to the ball pit.

So, fast forward to the arrival of the pizza.


Pasqually's apparently isn't sold on itself enough yet to have customized pizza boxes. The boxes are pretty generic.

I opened our pizzas as soon as they arrived, and I must say, they did look pretty good.


The taste? Honestly not bad. I'd say good, or good-plus, just not great. The toppings were good and the cheese was good. I did find the crust a little doughy. Maybe slightly under-cooked?

In conclusion, the price was good - $10 for a plain and $14 for the deluxe. On a whim - or for something different, I may order it again, I may not.

If I do order again, hopefully the coupon code will work next time.

Play on Chuck E. Cheese, play on!

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