You may or may not have noticed the flood of pictures to invade your social media spam this week of people dressed in white from head to toe romping around Philly. That can only mean one thing: Diner En Blanc.

If you're unfamiliar with the event, Diner En Blanc is a social gathering of over one thousand people who all dress in white, partake in a gourmet picnic, and have to bring their own food, table, chairs, china, everything. Oh, and you have to purchase a ticket to attend, only after you've received a formal invitation, of course.

I'm not the first to raise an eyebrow at this event; I'm also not someone who feels it necessary to tar and feather everyone in attendance. People have complained that the event is the definition of pretentious. A few years ago, one attendee, Bernie Carlin, told the Washington Post that Diner En Blanc was "...indulgent for indulgence's sake."

I can't say I fall on either side of this argument's fence. My only issue is that I don't quite understand the point of it. Perhaps it's one of those things you just have to experience in order to gain an understanding of its existence. I just don't understand what's fun about buying a ticket to something and then having to provide everything you'll need in order to attend. Does that make sense?

That's what makes me question how and why the event has taken off the way it has. Maybe, it fuels the attendees' inclusion fire. Perhaps, it makes them feel special to feel included and be present at such an "exclusive" event. Who knows? Again, I can't really speak on the experience since I've never attended, but I'm a practical person, so I just don't understand the point.

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