Now that we know the Golden Corral Buffet and Grill on the Black Horse Pike is officially closed for good, it's not surprising to hear that locals are a bit worried that the building left behind will be left vacant.

Truth be told, that's the last thing anybody wants. No Egg Harbor Township resident wants to see yet another abandoned building left to sit there and rot with no other business set to take its place. After all, an empty building does nothing for the community. The area where the Shore Mall once stood used to be the place to be when you wanted to get all of your shopping done and grab a bite to eat.

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Unfortunately, the intersection of the Black Horse Pike and Tilton Road in Egg Harbor Township hasn't seen hustle and bustle like that for quite some time now.

Based on some recent Facebook comments, though, it seems that residents haven't given up hope. A conversation sprouted within a local Egg Harbor Township-based Facebook group that posed to residents what they would like to see take over the old Golden Corral. It's not exactly like residents have had a long time to ponder that question, either. As recently as this past September, there were still talks of Golden Corral opening its doors again.

Now that we know that's not going to happen, the question of what will go in its place is a fair one. Someone suggested that the best use of that space would be to turn it into a Cracker Barrel. Based on the comments, most people agree that a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is the perfect restaurant to pick up where the Golden Corral left off. Now, will that actually be what's opened there? That we can't tell you.

When you think about the fact that stores open based on the economic situation within that specific area, there doesn't seem to be any reason for them not to consider opening a Cracker Barrel there.

You can get involved in the Cracker Barrel conversation HERE.

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Source: Facebook

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