Ugh I know, I know--I really have taken an L on my healthy-food-alternatives video-series called JUST FOOD. But I have a reason why!

Credit: TSM
Credit: TSM

You see, when making my avocado pudding a few weeks ago, I totally sliced my thumb in half with a knife while trying to pit a SUPER hard avocado.

Okay, maybe not in half but I sliced it pretty darn good. You can even peep my make-shift cast that I made in the video/pic above.

Long story short, I've been a tad traumatized! But my excuse fails when it comes to maintaining healthy alternatives in South Jersey.

In which case, I'm all healed and I'm here to tell YOU that JUST FOOD. will be returning to a computer near you starting NEXT FRIDAY. What a way to kick off August, right?!?

So to hold you over till then, I have 5 seriously awesome healthy treats that are a FABULOUS replacement for some of your cravings, that you NEED to try:


  • Credit: Skinny Pop via Amazon
    Credit: Skinny Pop via Amazon

    Desert: Skinny Pop Cinnamon & Sugar Cakes

    If you have that post-dinner sweet tooth like I always too, these cinnamon-sugary snack will definitely kick the craving! And they're only 60 cals per 10 cakes!!!

    So ditch the desert/late night munchies and try this for a healthy alternative.

  • Credit: Amazon
    Credit: Amazon

    Alcohol: White Claw Spiked Seltzer

    Ok--this is a phenomenon to me. I truly DO NOT enjoy seltzer water in the slightest. I never understood how people order "Vodka Sodas" (Blahhh) BUT, this gluten free, 140 calorie, naturally flavored spiked seltzer is literally unreal and you don't feel bloated afterwards like you would with beer or hard cider!!

    TRY IT! 

  • Credit: Beth Yeaw, Thinkstock
    Credit: Beth Yeaw, Thinkstock

    Soup: Splendid Spoon

    A friend showed me the "soup cleanse" that she's doing. She gave me a few of the soups to try that I've been HOUSING DOWN for dinner because they're so stinkin' good. Gluten Free, Vegan, And about 280-440 calories per container depending on the plant based bowl you choose.

    Itzzz go0o0od, and a great alternative to the really high in sodium soups on the store shelves!

  • Credit: Youtube
    Credit: Youtube

    Breakfast: Naked Juice

    I make a smoothie for breakfast every morning consisting of almond milk, berries, banana and flax seeds. But if I'm ever on the go and don't have time to make my smoothie, Wawa sells these AWESOME Naked Juice Drinks that basically emulate my smoothie with all the nutrients you need to get your day started! It just takes hella better then what I make....

  • Credit: PhekThong Lee, Thinkstock
    Credit: PhekThong Lee, Thinkstock

    Cheese: Avocado & Nutritional Yeast

    Hear me out... The consistency of blended avocado is just about as satisfying as creamy cheese! So if you're craving some Alfredo on that pasta, try making an Avocado based sauce with some nutritional yeast that literally makes anything taste like cheese.

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