It is December and Santa is getting to set out soon to visit us here in the Garden State. There is a slight chance of possibly some snow before Christmas Day on Sunday, but nothing like we had 75 years ago here in New Jersey.


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I started thinking about December snow here in New Jersey and I was curious what was the biggest storm, in December, in the state. We don't get many "White Christmas" but we have had to have some big storms in the month of December, right?
 Viktor Bystrov Viktor Bystrov



According to an article by, the biggest snowstorm in Jersey in December occurred 75 years ago in 1947.  It came just after Santa Claus made his stops in New Jersey on December 26, 1947. On that day after Christmas Newark recorded 25.9 inches of snow. Over two feet of snow fell in Newark and that same storm brought 12.2 inches to New Brunswick also. So it was a very snowy end to December in 1947.

Now according to an article by the Philadelphia Inquirer, "The National Weather Service this week decreed that the 29.7 inches reported in Long Branch, N.J., between 4 a.m. Dec. 26, 1947, and 4 a.m. Dec. 27, indeed was legitimate, and surpassed any snow amount that had fallen in the Garden State in any 24-hour period."

(Note: Single-day snow totals. Stats dating back to 1931)

So there you have it the most single snowstorm in December in New Jersey was in 1947. Fast-forward to 2022 and we might see a few flakes or a coating, possibly? It's a weird forecast coming up as we approach Christmas day with warm temps during the day and cold at night, but it may only rain here at the Jersey Shore. It will be very cold overnights on Christmas weekend with temps in the teens. So maybe leave Santa some "hot" chocolate lol

Do you want a "White Christmas"? let us know and post your comments below.


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