Well, I know EXACTLY what I would do. But, since Joe Kelly has made it quite clear that I cannot win the $1,000 Cat Ball Cash Jackpot, here's some ideas for you guys in case you do! This is just SOME stuff you could get for $1,000:

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    418 McFlurries with M&M'S® (Regular Size)

    I quite literally crave a McFlurry, ALL the time... A regular size cost about $2.39, so with $1000, you could get about 418! #DreamComeTrue

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    500 Lottery Tickets

    Spring $50's, Money Bags, Lucky 7's, and many more Lottery Tickets cost about $2.00. That's 500 lottery tickets! I say that's a fair chance on hitting the big, BIG bucks!

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    71 Pies of 12" Small Margherita Wood Fire Pizza

    Sapore in Ventnor sells a Margherita Pizza for about $14.00. You could host a really AWESOME pizza party with 71 pies of pizza!

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    25 Lawn Seat Tickets To See Sam Hunt and Maren Morris

    My Mom and I are DYING to go to the BB&T Pavillion in Camden, NJ on Friday Sept. 15th to see Sam and Maren! Lawn Seats are selling now for $40... so with $1,000 you could gather up 25 of your closest friends and head out to the "house party"!

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    125 Gallons of Mr. Bill's Cannoli Ice Cream

    1 gallon of Cannoli Ice Cream from Mr. Bills on Rt 73 in in Winslow Twp is about $8 (yes, I know this because I've consumed a whole one on my own... it's THAT good). $1,000 bucks could get you 125 of those! YUS.

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    645 Cups of 20 oz Coffee At Wawa

    My dearest Hazelnut brew is $1.55 for 20 oz. With $1,000...lets just say you probably shouldn't drink it all at once.

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    100 Movie Tickets to Franks Tilton 9 To See Beauty and the Beast

    I STILL NEED TO SEE THIS. How have I not?! Ugh, well if wanted to be cool, I'd rent out a movie theater (100 seats) and invite all my friends to come with me! Too bad my only friend is Joe...

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    70, 4 packs of 10" Inch Natural Beef Rawhide Bones from Walmart

    I love my dog... what can I say. And she finishes her bones like it's her job so lets be real, 70 packs (280 bones) will last her through the summer. The 4-packs are $14.26 at Walmart!

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    250 bags of Tostitos Hint of Lime Chips

    If you haven't had these before...you must understand how good they are knowing I'd blow $1,000 on them! 250 bags quite literally isn't enough for the amount of guacamole that I eat.

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    12.5 Pairs Of $80 Dollar Steve Madden Shoes

    12.5 pairs of shoes in the $80 range ...so, 25 singular shoes? A girl can dream right?