I'm sure you've already heard that this weekend we can expect anywhere up to six inches of snow.

You know what that means: hit the grocery store! Milk, eggs, bread, the usual snow-prep stock-up routine.

However, if you've lived in South Jersey for more than a year, you know that THIS is really what these predictions actually mean.

Honestly, where's the lie? Let's get real for a second....

You know this ALWAYS happens: we're warned about this epic snowstorm that's about to roll through the region and basically decimate our lives for 48 hours, only to emerge from the weekend without a single snowflake to hit the ground.

Then what happens? Nothing much, except we sit there at work on Monday hating ourselves because we just dropped $100 at Walmart on our Snowmageddon survival kits that all now have to go in the trash.

It's always better to be safe than sorry, but the meme is pretty hilarious regardless.

Source: Facebook

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