Saturday, February 5th is a day to deliberately eat ice cream for breakfast! Here's where to celebrate in South Jersey.

It's a much more fun national holiday to celebrate this year than the recent Groundhog Day where Punxsutawney Phil let us down by seeing his shadow. Six more weeks of winter? No thanks.

But eating ice cream for breakfast on a day DURING winter? That we can get behind.

Brendan Church/Unsplash
Brendan Church/Unsplash

While there aren't many ice cream shops open this time of year, if you want something more than the freezer case of your closest supermarket or convenience store can provide, check out one of these spots!

Jessie's of Linwood, 136 W. Poplar Ave., Linwood, NJ

Ice cream, baked goods, coffee (ice cream ON baked goods...think cookie/ice cream sandwiches) in a charming shop. (Open Tues.-Sun.)

Drip N' Scoop (locations in Somers Point and Ocean City) Where you can get a great cup of coffee with your ice cream for breakfast and really charge up your Saturday! (Open daily.)




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Anna Lee's Cookies and Cream, 800 Cape May Ave., Suite E1, Mays Landing, NJ

Anna Lee's looks stoked to celebrate National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! (Open daily Tues.-Sun.)

Scoop's Place, 615 E. Moss Mill Rd., Galloway NJ (at The Village Greene in Historic Smithville)

Treat yourself to a big ol' ice cream sundae for breakfast. (Open daily.)

Churn House, 3255 Asbury Ave., Ocean City, NJ

Cereal-flavored ice creams and cereal-topped ice creams! (Hours currently limited to weekends.)

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Bring on the sugar rush!

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