Thanksgiving is just a week away, which means people are hitting the stores to stock up on the essentials for the big meal. The shopping lists all look the same: turkey, potatoes, vegetables, and of course the pumpkin pie. If you have a big Thanksgiving gathering or you're just a big fan of pumpkin pie, one pie isn't going to cut it. That is until now.

Costco has granted your pumpkin pie dreams with a pumpkin pie big enough to satisfy even the biggest of pumpkin pie fanatics. This year Costco is selling a 4 pound pumpkin pie! Technically it's 3.62 pounds, but we are going to round up. The pie measures in at 12 inches in diameter and feeds 12 people.

So, how much does a 4 pound pumpkin pie cost? Shockingly, the pie sells for only $6.

Costco takes their pumpkin pies seriously from choosing the perfect pumpkins to baking the pie crust at their bakery in Washington. According to The Costco Connection, the pie recipe comes from the vice president of bakery operations, Sue McConnaha, who was a commercial baker before working for Costco.

These pies are so popular, they even have their own fan page on Facebook with over 1,200 likes.

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