Hmm..Get it? Sam Hunt--Scavenger Hunt? They both have something in common:


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Another scavenger hunt experience is about to begin!

We shall call it, "The Sam 'Scavenger' Hunt"

UPDATE! THE CONTEST IS OVER. Congratulations to our winner, Julie!

AT STAKE: 2 tickets and MEET AND GREET passes to see Sam Hunt right before his show at the BB&T Pavilion THIS Friday at 7pm. 

I, Rachel, am hiding in a secret location in South Jersey with these passes.

How do you find me? Well, join the Sam 'scavenger' Hunt! I will periodically give clues on-air during Cat Country Mornings with Joe and Rachel, as well as on this post--clues on each platform will be different.  In which case, you'll need to keep checking this post below for the latest updates!

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Here's me! Find me somewhere in South Jersey and you'll win!

With every fun game comes some rules:

  • First person to find me wins
  • You must be 18
  • Anything that happens to you while searching for the tickets is at your risk.
    (That means accidents, traffic tickets, arrests, etc. are all your responsibility, not ours.) 
  • By “playing the game”, you assume any and all risk
  • Don’t break any laws and be nice
  • PLEASE do not check our website, make phone calls, or text while driving.

Now for the fun stuff: I'm in a public place. I'm not hiding at all, I'm in plain view and easy to find if you know what I look like.

Again, I'll be updating the clues here on, and on the radio on Cat Country 107.3.

We have determined that the easiest way to win is to check out all the clues as they become available right HERE. Refresh this page often to stay ahead!


  • Clue #1--

I'm between these 2 bridges

  • Clue #2--

What a cool house to pass on the way!

Credit: TSM
Credit: TSM
Credit: TSM


1. It's time now for another scavenger hunt, and I don't mean to be blunt, but you may or may not be meeting Sam Hunt. Just come and find out where I am, I'll give you a clue, I'm sitting on a bench, and that ain't a scam.
2. I'm at a location close to the sand, and at this landmark, I know every curve like the back of my hand.
3. You may think that this place is a tad Bazaar, but that used to be the name, now that name is no more
4. Irma stopped me from meeting Luke Bryan, which seriously stunk. But who thought that in order to meet Sam Hunt, I'd be hiding near a trunk.
5. Alright this is it, the last and final hint. I'm by the 11th tallest statue in the country, and she may need a mint! Ok that's that! If you can't find me, these meet and greets are all mine! But don't worry, I'm here waiting for ya-- just drive safe and take your time.

Thank you all for playing!
Congrats Julie from Ventnor

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