It's not a secret that Target gets a huge chunk of my money. I walk in for toilet paper and dish soap and get to the register with an extra sixty bucks worth of stuff..... & that's on the low end. I hate to sound like that basic Millennial/Gen-Z cusper, but Target's fantastic.

That doesn't mean I'd go the route this guy went, however.

A man from Winslow, Camden County, has been arrested for reportedly stealing over twenty thousand dollars worth of goods from Target over the course of a few sprees starting back in December of last year. reports that Robert E. Joyner III was hit with multiple charges including drug possession. The arrest went down this week.

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Apparently, the Target team reached out to the authorities on Monday to report that Joyner had been spotted again taking something from the store. At this point, Target's Loss Prevention Team is aware of who Joyner is from his previous thefts. Police say that once they were able to apprehend him, Joyner was allegedly caught with heroin and a nice bit of electronics worth $500. When calling in the incident, Target told the police that he was headed in the direction of a Lowe's nearby, but no word's been reported on whether an incident went down at any other place.

The Gloucester Township Police Department said that this arrest is just one example of how they're trying to reduce crime within their district and succeeding. They even gave examples of how their numbers have improved as a result of their efforts.

Would I love $22,000 worth of Target merch? There's a good chance I own that much already, hah! You won't find me risking a stay the big house to get it, though.


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