Well, they want his voice or his words.  Not surprising!  According to a recent survey, most women want to receive a love note from Keith Urban for Valentine's Day.  Men want a love note from Katy Perry.  She received 34% of the vote with Taylor Swift in second place with 29%.  Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Adele followed in suit.

Second to Keith Urban for us ladies was Bruno Mars, Steven Tyler (really???), Jay-Z and Justin Bieber.

I'm pretty sure that last one could be considered illegal.....

Who would you want a love note from?  How about Robin Thicke or Michael Buble.....ooh la la!

Besides love notes from famous people, most Americans want to be taken out to a nice dinner (57%), 44% of people want to receive a handwritten note from their partner and 38% of people want a home cooked meal.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

My husband and I do something different each year.  Last year we exchanged gifts and he made me a delicious meal.  (He's a really great cook!)  This year we're thinking of just doing the home cooked meal thing.  Maybe some champagne??  Sounds low key and perfect!


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