According to News Direct, "74% Of Americans Drink Coffee Every Day. The findings confirm another Statista study from the summer. Back in June 2022, Statista asked 1,592 Americans how often they drank coffee. A whopping 73.9 percent of respondents answered “every day” compared to 17.5 percent that responded “most days”. So that goes to show you just how popular "coffee" is and why finding great coffee is so fantastic. 

  1. Drip Coffee — 36%
  2. Cappuccino — 11%
  3. Iced Coffee — 10%
  4. Instant Coffee — 9%



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 Nathan Dumlao Nathan Dumlao





Now that summer is right around the corner, another style of coffee is about to become a player and that is "iced" coffee. I know some drink it year-round, but for the majority, it's a warm-weather drink during summer I enjoy an occasional iced coffee. Let's remember though that even though it's "iced" coffee, we still want good quality coffee. Eiliv Aceron Eiliv Aceron



Reader's Digest recently wrote an article that focused on the "best coffee shops in every state". For New Jersey, they selected a coffee shop that is located right here on the Jersey Shore in Monmouth County. The article highlighted Cafe Volan in Asbury Park as the best in the Garden State. "When seeking out the best beans in the Garden State, we recommend heading to the shore, and in particular, Asbury Park's Cafe Volan. Despite its beach location, it still manages to draw crowds in the winter months, because who doesn't want a hot brew in the chilliest part of the year? They also have an excellent bakery cabinet."



Google Maps
Google Maps



Cafe Volan is located at Steinbach Building, 510 Bangs Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712. Give us your review of Cafe Volan and post your comments below.


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