High rents and mortgage payments. Welcome to New Jersey.

Oh, then there are the taxes.

But, wait, there may be a solution!

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A local resident has been advertising a shed for rent: a shed that has been converted to a "tiny house."

Pictures of the shed and descriptions of the living space were originally posted on the Facebook group "Absecon, galloway & Local Online Yardsale."

Honestly, it looks like a pretty interesting living space. It is small, but it looks smartly remodeled and decorated. All for $1,200 a month! Utilities included!

Here's a description of the property:

"Small space in a secluded wooded area in Galloway, NJ. Includes a kitchenette with sink, coffee maker, toaster oven, and mini fridge. Bathroom with shower. Bedroom has a double bed and a dresser with a television on top. Wifi, electric, water, heating, AC, and firestick for tv all included. "

It's noted that pets aren't allowed, and neither is smoking.

*PLEASE NOTE: The photo above is not the shed/tiny house in Galloway. We don't have permission to use pictures of the property. However, you can check out the photos here. (Update: the Facebook post may have been removed.)

One of the interesting aspects of this whole thing is the questions and comments people have made on the Facebook post, and the responses from the person (JS) who made the original post. For example:

Jesse: "Do hobbits live here?"

JS: "No currently a very tall man lives there. He’s over 6 foot."


Carolyn: "It doesn’t have a stove/oven or real refrigerator for $1200? That’s crazy."

Catherine: "Agreed and no living room..."

JS: "Sorry we’ll add a living room on the next expansion."


TJ: "Is this a joke?"

Shiah: "No, this is New Jersey."

SOURCE: Facebook

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