In case you're not a sports fan at all, you need to know this: The best player in professional baseball today (....and maybe all-time?) hails from South Jersey. Millville to be exact.

In addition to being the best, he's also one of the game's most humble players. He's always doing his best - and never showing off or showing anyone up.

Unfortunately, earlier this year, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball said that Trout is one of the players in the league who doesn't do enough to market himself. Whatever that means.

(The view from this writer is that Mike is a well-brought up, hard-working, respectful young man. He goes about helping people (especially kids) and doesn't feel the need to being along camera crews every time he does something nice for someone.)

This interview with Trout comes from the Twitter account of "Infield Chatter", which bills itself as "By the Players. For the Fans."

Again, even if you're not a sports fan, watch the interview of this fine young man, full of strong South Jersey values.

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