Sometimes gift shopping is stressful and some people are so hard to shop for.

We all know someone who is obsessed with coffee. You know the person you don't talk to until they've finished their first out of 10 cups for the day. We are here to help you get that caffeine crazed the perfect gift.

Here are 10 gifts to get the coffee lover in your life.


    Alcohol Infused Coffee

    Have you seen those memes online that have a photo of coffee with the caption "my morning" and a glass of wine with the caption "my night"? This is your morning and night in one cup. Get them a bag of alcohol infused coffee for under $20!

  • PerfectPairShop via
    PerfectPairShop via

    Coffee Socks

    A gift for under $10 that is super cute? Count me in. I know one of the most dreaded gifts is socks (or underwear). These are so cool though!

  • Thinkstock

    Coffee Subscription Service

    There are subscription services for everything. You can get subscription boxes for your pets, candles, makeup, food, and yes coffee. Driftaway Coffee is a subscription service that customizes the coffee to your (of the gift recipients) preferences. They have different plans to fit your budget.

  • Adult Coloring World via Barnes and Noble
    Adult Coloring World via Barnes and Noble

    Coffee Coloring Book

    Adult coloring books are super popular and a great way to relax. This coloring book has awesome coffee related quotes that you can frame when you are done!


    Coffee Body Scrub

    If you have a coffee loving beauty guru in your life a coffee body scrub is perfect! Apparently the caffeine in the coffee energizes your skin. The reviews on this product say it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and it smells like coffee. A win, win.


    Coffee Bean Shirt

    You could get them a cute t-shirt with some coffee theme to it, or you could get them a coffee bean print shirt. Nothing says "I love coffee" like a shirt that is nothing, but coffee beans.

  • Chuzy Chef via
    Chuzy Chef via

    Heat Sensitive Mug

    I have two mugs that change their design when you put a hot liquid in them and I think they are the coolest thing ever. This one accurately depicts how a coffee drinker feels with their cup of coffee.

  • HelloYouCandles via
    HelloYouCandles via

    Coffee Scented Candle

    Any coffee drinker I have ever known raves about the smell of coffee. They seem to love the smell just as much as the taste. Why not give them the smell of a coffee shop right in their own home with a coffee scented candle?

  • Wacaco via
    Wacaco via

    On the Go Espresso Maker

    There is a gadget for everyone. For under $50 you can have espresso anytime, anywhere. All you do is load in the ground up beans, hot water, and press the side button to make your cup. It doesn't use batteries, just hand power. It is pretty neat.

  • 141ATELIER via
    141ATELIER via

    Coffee Bean Necklace

    All women love jewelry right? Well, some of us do. Win the way to her heart with her favorite thing on This cute understated coffee bean necklace is the perfect gift to say "I love that you love coffee."

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