It's finally here! The Barefoot Country Music Fest in Wildwood!

South Jersey's biggest country music event this year happens on the beach in Wildwood.

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The kick-off concert Thursday night features Lee Brice as the main attraction, and that's followed up by three big days and nights of great music, featuring over 30 performers.

Headliners include Carrie Underwood, Dan + Shay, and the Zac Brown Band.

Here's what your need to know.

1. Yes, tickets are still available! Get yours here ASAP!

2. You definitely want to grab one of our red Cat Country tank tops to wear to the concert. We'll be giving them away all week long. During the festival, we'll be looking for people with out red shirts on, and dragging them to some unique-one-of-a-kind fest experiences that you just can't buy.


If you can't get your hands on one - you can make your own Cat Country 107.3 shirt, hat, or something that will make our staff take notice of you. We tell you, this will work just as good. (and so will some of that old Cat Country gear you have in the bottom drawer of your dresser!)

More info on our red tanks can be found here.

3. If you have your tickets, (still need some? click here), the great folks at Barefoot have teamed up with the Community Food Bank of New Jersey to offer you some VIP upgrade stuff. Click here to find out how to win.

4. Dress for the weather. You're going to be outside. Depending on what day and time of day, it could be sunny, rainy, or somewhere in between.

5. Don't try to walk in the gate with stupid stuff. Find the list of what you can and can't bring here.

6. The wristband is your ticket. You can even tie in your credit card to your wristband, so you can leave your cash and cards at home. Find out all about the wristbands here. Oh! Don't put it on yet!

7. Be nice to your fellow festival goers. Make friends, not enemies. We have to spend four days together, let's get along! (We want this festival every year, so make a good impression, ok?)

8. Do download the Cat Country 107.3 APP! When you have our APP, you can upload and share your concert photos with the push of one button! We love that! We're going to publish as many cool concert photos as we can. (And make our friends and your friends who didn't come very jealous.)

9. Do stop by our Cat Country Morning Show Live Broadcasts with Joe and Jahna on the Wildwood Boardwalk both Thursday and Friday mornings from 530am - 10am. Caution: please do not ask to kiss or touch Jahna. (Joe is ok with anything....)

10. Be nice to Wildwood! Park appropriately. Tip people who wait on and help you. Don't trash up the place. Be good humans. (Again. we want to do this next year, too!)

We will see you there!

PS.... Don't forget your red Cat Country tank top or other Cat Country gear (even if you make if yourself, you creative, talented person, you!)

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