Baaa-d boys, baaa-d boys, what cha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for ewe?

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I bet ewe would never think you would see a pair of sheep in the back of a police car, but that's exactly what happened in Toms River on Thursday. Two sheep were rounded up on a residential street as they roamed about. I wonder if the residents thought they were about to be fleeced.

The Toms River Police Department shared the story and a photo on their social media pages Friday morning. One comment on the post reads, "Thanks to Officer Nelson for being so caring! Great job!" I guess you can say Officer Nelson is such a lamb. Okay, I'm done with the sheep puns. Okay, that's not going to happen.

The sheep were not so sheepishly milling about Vermont Avenue in Toms River Thursday. Ewe could say that the residents had a woolly expression on their faces upon seeing the sheep. The sheep were apprehended by Officers Eric Nelson, Walt Herman, and Ron Bayer.

The sheep did not baaa back and were placed in the back of a patrol car. They were brought to a shelter to hunker down for a few hours by Animal Control. The two baaa-d sheep were returned to their owners later that afternoon. Luckily, the two escapees were not too bent out of sheep about the whole ordeal.

Ewe are welcome for that pun-filled report. Baaa-ee.

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