I am a creature of habit.

I often go to the same places - especially to eat - because I'm happy and satisfied. I figure, "Why try somewhere else when I'm happy with the place I usually go."

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Sure, sometimes I'll spread my wings and try something different, but probably not as often as I should.

Hey, I'm the guy that once ate Wendy's for lunch 86 straight days!

So, as part of my personal enrichment program, I've put together a list of different Egg Harbor Township Restaurants that I've never tried. Honestly, I'm a little surprised that number is so high!

I picked Egg Harbor Township because that's the community in which I live, and have lived for 23 years.

Before we get to the list, let me just say that this list should not be perceived as a knock or condemnation of any of these business. There's no specific reason I've yet to step foot in any of these places - I just haven't.

My hope is that you'll see a restaurant on the list that YOU like, and you'll tell me about it in the comments. The more good things I hear about a place the more I'm apt to try it.

PLEASE no negative comments about any of these places - that's not the purpose of this exercise.

So, let's take a tour of Egg Harbor Township and the places I haven't been!

Juliano's Pub & Grill - Ocean Heights Avenue. It's really close to my house. I pass it almost every day. Know idea why I've never had food (or a beer) there!

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Local’s Spot. This is a new place in the English Creek Shopping Center. As a matter of fact, the English Creek Shopping Center seems to be teaming with restaurants I've never tried - and many I never even knew existed! Apparently a few of these are on the 2nd floor of the shopping center? Who knew? Not me!

Rama Thai. Thai food in the English Creek Shopping Center.

Ginza Japanese Steak Seafood House & Sushi Bar. English Creek Shopping Center.

Yummy Garden. Chinese Takeout in the English Creek Shopping Center.

Lunch Street. English Creek Shopping Center.

Dosa 24. Indian food. English Creek Shopping Center. 2nd Floor.

Halal Kitch. Middle Eastern food. English Creek Shopping Center. 2nd Floor.

Vegan 15. English Creek Shopping Center. 2nd Floor.

Wings Bowl. English Creek Shopping Center.

Indiyas. Indian Restaurant. English Creek Shopping Center. 2nd Floor.

Sack O' Subs EHT. English Creek Plaza, in front of English Creek Shopping Center.

Pho Cali. Vietnamese food. In the English Creek Plaza in front of the English Creek Shopping Center.

Gaspare's Italian Bistro - Zion Road in the Harbor Village Shopping Center. Again, right around the corner from me.

Pete's Subs - Also in the Harbor Village Shopping Center.

El Coyote. Mexican food on Zion Road, across from Harbor Village.

LB ONE - Black Horse Pike. I was there several times when it was called The Library. Since the name change? Nope.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Eat At Joe's EHT. On West Jersey Avenue.

KimChi Sushi Korean BBQ. In the Cardiff Plaza Shopping Center.

Sana & Sadia's Mediterranean Cafe. In the Risley Commons Center on the Black Horse Pike.

Charleys Cheesesteaks.  Walmart Shopping Center, Black Horse Pike at Fire Road.

Platters. Black Horse Pike.

The Nizam's. Indian Food. Black Horse Pike, in the former Shore Mall shopping area.

Ramen Wakana Ramen Noodle and Sushi. Japanese food on the Black Horse Pike.

Sushi Town Japanese Restaurant. Tilton Road. Tilton Times Plaza.

Dino's Deli And Subs. Zion Road.

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