Restaurants in Atlantic City, Linwood, and Cape May Point are included in a list of New Jersey's 25 Best Restaurants.

The list, put together by New Jersey Monthly Magazine, is being touted as their list of "the state's finest dining experiences.

Mentioned as part of the 25 best are Girasole, Atlantic City, Luke Palladino's, Linwood, and  Red Store, Cape May Point.

Girasole is a new addition to the magazine's annual list. The article states: "the dining room is flush with the sumptuous fabrics and furnishings of designer Gianni Versace, the welcome is gracious, and the food is not just terrific, but a harmonious combination of timeless and contemporary."

More about the food at Girasole: "The pizzas and pastas are iconic. The warm beef and cool fish carpaccios are sensuous treats hard to find elsewhere.  And the beef braciole with sausage and meatball in Sunday gravy is an edible paradox, both humble and magnificent."

About Luke Palladino's, the article states: "In summer, Palladino tends to cook the food of Southern Italy, working his way north as fall turns to winter. He collects vintage Italian cookbooks. 'The food was heavier then,' he says, 'because people worked outdoors. Their caloric intake had to be higher. My challenge is making the recipes modern.'

On the topic of Red Store, the article highlighted the work of chef Lucas Manteca: " Chefs these days extol simplicity, while rarely mentioning the intense detail work required to raise a few great ingredients to ravishing heights......He embraces complexity. In fact, he converts it into a life-affirming expression of generosity."