Summer is flying by! All year long we wait for warmer days and lots of sunlight, but it will be gone before you know it.

Now is the time to start planning some day trips, especially with the price of gas at an being so low compared to last summer.

Here are 5 trip ideas, to get you out of the house, into your car and taking advantage of all our beautiful state has to offer.

  • 1

    Liberty State Park - Jersey City

    Driving Time: About 2 Hours

    Liberty State Park is a perfect outing of the the whole family. The park is less than 2,000 feet from the Statue of Liberty. Enjoy hiking, biking, a picnic or even a family BBQ!

  • 2

    Stone Museum - Monroe

    Driving Time: About an 1 Hour and 30 Minutes.

    Located on Spotswood-Englishtown Road in Monroe Township. Admission is free at the Stone Museum. If you or your kids are into minerals and fossils, then this is a place for you to visit. The museum features a host of indoor and outdoor displays that are hands on. Check out the Famous Fluorescent Room.  

  • 3

    Duke Farms - Hillsborough

    Driving Time: 2 Hours

    Bike or hike new trails through a variety of habitats, at Duke Farms located at Dukes Parkway West in Hillsborough. Discover the wonders of nature and be sure to check out Orchid Range.

  • 4

    Boardwalk Hike - Vernon

    Driving Time: 2 Hours and 50 Minutes

    If you love to hike or walk then this trip is for you. The  Appalachian Trail is over 2,000 miles long and passed through fourteen states. You can hike the 20 mile boardwalk section of the trail in Vernon Township. Passing through the  Wallkill National Wildlife section will be a treat!

  • 5

    Delaware Water Gap - NJ PA

    Driving Time: 3 Hours and 15 Minutes

    The Delaware Water Gap is located on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. if you love the outdoors you'll love this trip. Bike, hike, rock climb, fish, swim, or go canoeing or rafting. There is so much fun stuff to do the the Delaware Water Gap!

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