South Jersey is filled with plenty of history. Lucky for you, many of these historic sites are home to some awesome food establishments.

Check out six awesome restaurants that you can enjoy great drinks and excellent food!

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    Chef Vola’s – Atlantic City, NJ

    Take a trip to old-school Italy without leaving New Jersey or using a time machine! Established in 1921, Chef Vola’s has been serving some seriously mouth-watering meals.

    For years, this place was hidden from the public. Now, it’s one of the best places in South Jersey to get the finest drinks and food.

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    Knife & Fork Inn- Atlantic City, NJ

    A bar that made it through the 1920’s is a bar worth visiting. Knife & Fork Inn was built in 1912, and has served many ever since. During the 1920’s, the famous reigning political boss Enoch “Nucky” Johnson was a regular at the club.

    After renovations in 2005, Knife & Fork Inn is more alive than ever. With such rich history behind the beautiful atmosphere, what’s not to love?

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    Historic Smithville Inn- Galloway, NJ

    In a small nook of the beautiful Pine Barrens, the Historic Smithville Inn has called South Jersey home since 1787. As travelers went from Philadelphia to the Jersey Shore, the Historic Smithville Inn welcomed guests to food and comfort to weary travelers.

    Today, this gorgeous place holds stunning weddings, fabulous events, and provides wonderful dining options.

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    Ye Olde Centerton Inn- Pittsgrove, NJ

    Back in 1706, Ye Olde Centerton opened its doors to give the public the best quality of food and alcoholic beverages. Each staff member is trained in how to prepare drinks to perfection, and every chef is skilled in making your food fantastic.

    This beautiful place holds wedding rehearsal dinners, intimate weddings, holiday celebrations, and more!

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    Cold Springs Grange Restaurant- Cape May, NJ

    A piece of history is more than a part of Cold Spring Grange's walls. In 1912, it used to be a meeting hall for Cold Spring's citizens. It stands on the same spot that it did when it was first established.

    Today, you can enjoy the most succulent ingredients in New Jersey. Gorgeously crafted dishes will make you swoon as you not only get a taste of freshness, but a taste of history!

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    Barnsboro Inn- Sewell, NJ

    Last, but far from least, is Barnsboro Inn. This awesome location was built way back in 1776, and the party has not stopped for almost 300 years!

    Live music, pub grub, steaks, seafood, and more make this place the ultimate treat for bar enthusiasts and historians alike!