Another day, another store announcing massive closures. It seems like companies are closing up shop left and right here in New Jersey lately, doesn't it? Every time you hear news about another one shutting its doors, you can't help but feel defeated.

2024 is proving to be a lot harder for businesses than anyone really predicted.

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For some chain stores, could the closures have anything to do with the ever-evolving shopping landscape? While Amazon and other online retail giants certainly contribute to the closure of many clothing and retail brick-and-mortars, that company is not likely the reason for places like food joints and convenience stores to be closing up shop.


7-Eleven announces massive closures

Five Guys announced they'd be closing a bunch of their locations this year. Wendy's followed. Even Arby's has announced they plan to close a bunch of locations throughout the country.

The announcement of the closures 7-Eleven has planned for a bunch of their stores hits a lot closer to home, though.

With so many people packed into such a small state, fast food restaurant chains usually do pretty well here. That can typically be said for convenience stores, as well. Have Wawa and Royal Farms officially overpowered 7-Eleven here in South Jersey?


The future of 7-Eleven in New Jersey

The popular convenience store responsible for bringing us the iconic Slurpee has announced it plans to close 272 of its 9,000 stores all over the country. How do we know how many they're planning on shuttering here in the Garden State. Multiple sources report that, as of right now at least, there's no word on that.

It is likely, however, that New Jersey will see at least a few shut their doors.

New Jersey alone has 346 7-Eleven brick-and-mortar locations. Even if they only close one in the whole state, that will mean less Slurpees to enjoy on 'Free Slurpee Day' coming up on July 11th (7/11).

Only time will tell if any NJ 7-Eleven locations will be impacted by this news. We'll keep you posted.

Just so you remain in the loop, here's all the stores reportedly closing up shop this year:


Inflations, online shopping, and bad business deals are causing many massive retailers to shut down. Check out 12 of the most recognizable mega stores that are cutting their losses and shutting down this year.

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