Less than two months after Christmas, we are at another gift-giving holiday. Well, that is if you have a partner that you celebrate with. You might be paying off the credit cards from the holiday season, so you don’t want to completely break the bank again.

Welcome to the time of year when roses pretty much quadruple in price. Crazy right? Rather than spending $70 on flowers that will die in about a week, check out these wallet-friendly gifts.

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  • 1

    Wall Canvas

    This minimalistic wall decor is super cute, plus it’s romantic. It also helps that it’s under that $10 cap that all of these items are.

  • 2

    Little Book of Whiskey

    This useful book has not only whiskey cocktail recipes, but food recipes as well.

  • 3

    Harry Potter Sock Pack

    I seriously LOVE socks. For your lovers is the boy who lived, these socks will give you major brownie points.

  • 4


    Journaling is such a great way to keep precious memories that you can look back on and read.

    They have really cute pencils that go with them. Yes it’ll put it over the $10 cap, but they are too cute not to include.

  • 5


    The mug is only $6, so you can fill it with candy, tea, coffee, or mini bottles of liquid courage. Also, this mug speaks to my soul.

  • 6

    Trinket Dishes

    Did I add these because I want them for myself? Yup! Four unicorn dishes are exactly what I need in my life.

  • 7

    Stemless Wine Glasses

    What’s the best part about these wine glasses? They’re plastic, so you can drop them and they won’t break!

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