Enjoy yourself, gals. It's your day....

Today is National Girlfriends Day! What exactly does that mean, though? Well, it can be interpreted in one of two ways. First, you can either take it as a day to celebrate the fact that you have an amazing girlfriend and spoil her rotten. Think of it like a Valentine's Day on which you don't receive any gifts, but one that solely dedicated to her. Let's be honest,  you probably forgot about Valentine's Day this year anyway, so here's your chance at a do-over.

The second way to celebrate is exclusively for the ladies.  Celebrate today as a day to acknowledge the bonds of friendship between you and your closest gal pals. Here in South Jersey, our loyalty is something fierce. Life gets so busy though that we don't always get to spend as much time with our best friends as we'd normally like to. So, make today that day.

As for what to do, we've got you covered! Check out the best 7 ways to celebrate National Girlfriends Day in South Jersey:

  • 1

    Hit The Sand

    You're probably working today, yes, but did you forget the sun doesn't fully set til around 9 p.m? Why not make a quick trip to the beach? Grab some take-out or sandwiches and hit the sand for a few hours with your best gals and make some memories. It's your day, so celebrate it with some late fun in the sun.

  • 2

    Drinks on the Water

    That's one of the best reasons to live where we do. Head out to a happy hour at one of the many many establishments on the water for a great time. It is Thirsty Thursday, after all.

  • 3

    Have Some Boardwalk Fun

    It's time to hit the boards, gals! Grab a Polaroid and document your spontaneous night on the Boardwalk with rides, prizes, and some food you're definitely not supposed to be indulging in until your Saturday cheat day.

    If you and your friends grew up here, what better way to spark up a little nostalgia about the good ole' days then engaging in some of that old fashioned, innocent frivolity that the boards have to offer?

  • 4

    Brunch on Lunch!

    It's Thursday which means everyone's itching to do anything that'll get them out of the office. Ladies, call up a few of your buddies and meet up at your favorite brunch spot. It's South Jersey in the summer... some of the best brunch spots are only open for a few more weeks, after all.

  • 5

    Shop Til You Drop

    This one kind of goes hand in hand with number four. All your favorite shore stores and cute little shops are open! Hit them up while you can. Actually, why not do a little combo with the gals: grab some brunch at your favorite joint then burn off those calories in the form of shopping?

  • 6

    Make it a Spa Day!

    Whether your favorite is Spa Day Luxe in Egg Harbor Township or Serenity Now in Somers Point, if you're always putting others before yourself, today is not that day.

    Girl, TREAT YO'SELF! Go get that massage. Do it. After all, it's like the gym.... you might try to talk yourself out of it before you get there, but once you're done, you're so thankful you went.

  • 7

    Enjoy Some Live Music!

    Last but not least, why not go see some live bands play tonight? Get your groove on with your gal pals at one of the many free outdoor concert series that are taking place all around South Jersey this summer. For example, take in the Jimmy Buffet tribute band playing tonight for North Wildwood's Concert Under the Stars.

    If not that, you could always head up to BB&T Pavilion and purchase some last minute Thomas Rhett tix!

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