With the opening weekend of Olympic activities behind us as we watched and cheered on Team USA from the comfort of our homes, the thought of actually being present at the summer games might have crossed your mind. How awesome would it be to say that you got to physically see the Olympics in person?

While Rio 2016 might be out of the question there are many years of Olympics ahead of us. As for those that have passed, there are many games that would have been incredible to attend not just for the sports but also for the sights that each host city held.

North America has been host to its fair share of Olympic games, including Atlanta in 1996, LA in 1932 and 1984, and Mexico in 1968. Check out some footage from the opening ceremonies, below:

1. Mexico City, Mexico 1968 Olympics 

Places to Visit:

  1. National Auditorium where the gymnastic events were held.
  2. Juan de la Barrera Olympic Gymnasium where volleyball games were held.
  3. University City Swimming Pool - Water Polo events were held here.

2. Los Angeles, California 1984 Olympics

  1. Dodger's Stadium - Obviously where baseball games were held during the LA Olympics.
  2. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum - Where the LA Olympics opening and closing ceremonies were held.
  3. Pauley Pavilion - Gymnastic events were held here.
  4. Olympic (McDonald's) Swim Stadium at University of South California - All swimming, diving, and synchronized events were held here.

3. Atlanta, Georgia 1996 Olympics

  1. Centennial Olympic Stadium - Where the Atlanta Olympics opening and closing ceremonies were held.
  2. Forbes Arena - Was host to these Olympics basketball games.
  3. Georgia Dome - Gymnastics events, basketball finals, and the Handball finals were all held here.
  4. Georgia Tech Aquatic Center - Obviously where all the swimming and diving were held.

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And for those who don't, keep cheering on Team USA from home!

This blog was written by Nicole Alexander, a freelance writer for Townsquare Media South Jersey. 

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