Well, everyone has to believe in something, right?

A post on the Nextdoor App has caught my attention.

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Nextdoor is - what I call - "Twitter for old people."  It's a social media app that allows people to post just about anything. You can look at your area and town, or pretty much concentrate on what's happening right in your neighborhood.

There are usually lost dog reports, "Who put trash in my garbage can", and that kind of thing.

Sometimes, the weird and wacky make it to the surface.

A woman in Absecon says she's got some interesting things happening near her:

"I’ve been trying to tell my husband that I believe there’s a secret government installation right under our feet underground…. Yes, I hear them too on occasion….or maybe it’s true that we’re all living in the matrix!?!"

This is from Pitney Road in Absecon.

Do you live in the area? Are you hearing anything down below your home? Seen anything strange?

This is my first hearing about secret underground installations in our area. Bigfoots, mountain lions, yes. Underground government forts? No.

It doesn't appear that anyone has commented on her post, but, at last check, six people did LIKE her post. Maybe they know something....

What's the strangest thing you've seen someone post on social media?

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