Our every-day-heroes are out there fighting for our safety, well, everyday! And I think it's about time we give them the recognition and support that they deserve and NEED! Today's #DailyDoseOfGood comes from Coby Frier, a resident of Atlantic City, who has created a Go-Fund-Me page in support of officer Josh Vadell and Blue Lives Matter.

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Coby has teamed up with PBA Local 24 to raise funds for Josh, a local police officer, father and friend. For those that may or may not be familiar with officer Vadell's story: Back in September, he was unsuspectingly shot in the head while in the line of duty. This incident was, and still is, very heart wrenching. Not just to Josh's family, but to the entire city as well.  At this time, officer Vadell is doing fantastically, but definitely still on a long road to a full recovery, and I think it's time we help.

The proceeds from this Go-Fund-Me page will go directly to Josh's family to assist medical costs, rehab and time away from work. Once Josh is finished with rehab, they plan to turn this fundraiser into a non-profit charity called The Josh Vadell Foundation, which will continue to raise awareness and allow Josh to help others with similar brain injuries. So far, with the help of the community, they have raised over 70% of a $200,000 goal!

This cause not only will help the family, but the AC community as well! Here in Atlantic City, we love our police department and our community. Support of this initiative and of Blue Lives Matter will help our community stand tall for those who fight for our safety everyday.

Coby is hoping that we can make this cause VIRAL. So let's do it Cat Country!
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