An Atlantic City resident crashed her car into three parked cars, then tried to clean up the mess herself.

Atlantic City Police say Mercedes Hicks, 31,  crashed into three parked cars on Ohio Avenue Sunday evening, then attempted to clean up the debris - she even put her own front bumper inside her car.

Hicks faces several charges including DWI, reckless driving, obstruction, and resisting arrest.

At 6:10 pm, Officer Armani Rex responded to the 1500 block of Ohio Avenue for a report of a vehicle crashing into several parked cars. He arrived and began to speak with the driver, Mercedes Hicks, who was attempting to drive away from the scene even though the vehicle was not drivable. Hicks had struck three parked cars and had attempted to clean up debris from the collision, including putting her bumper inside her car.

Hicks refused Officer Rex’s orders to exit the vehicle and continued in her attempt to drive off. Officer Rex, believing that Hicks was under the influence, reached inside the vehicle in an attempt to turn the car off. Hicks immediately began to swing wildly at Officer Rex. He opened the driver door and Hicks continued her attempt to assault Officer Rex by punching and kicking at him. Officer Kevin Dever arrived and assisted in taking Hicks into custody.

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