Spring is here and Easter is this weekend. We have one word to express our sentiments: FINALLY!

The weather's getting warmer, the colors are changing from darks to pastels, and you've probably bought a ton of candy this week already. You can't only eat candy on Easter Sunday... or can you? Have you planned what you're making for Easter brunch, yet?

In addition to the usual pancakes, eggs, sausage, pork roll, bacon, etc., why not add just ONE sweet to your menu? This one's for adults only.

Switch out the mimosa to try this bad boy: Delish's Truffle Bunny Shot

It takes only five minutes to prepare, serves four, and gives you the sugar fix you need to keep you from raiding the kids' baskets all day. Truffle Bunny Shots for the win, ya'll! Now, you just need to make sure you ask the Easter Bunny for some of these bad boys when you visit him.

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