Dear Mike Trout,

If you're readying this you might be thinking, "Is this just another lame attempt by Joe Kelly do get me to show up on the Cat Country Morning Show?"

The answer is yes. Heck yes.

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Mike, my trying to get you on the Cat Country Morning Show goes back a few years. I  keep trying and trying and you keep ignoring me.

Ignoring me like I don't see right through that.

Mike here's the new deal: I want you to come on the morning show and fill in for my co-host Jahna as she takes some time off for the holidays.

I'll let you pick out and play the county music you like. I'll let you do the weather (that's your dream right?), you can update us on the Eagles, and you can even sit in the nice chair.

Sounds like a Win-Win, right Mike?

Mike, I know you jet back and forth from La-La Land and home over the holidays. Why not jump into your car and drive to our studios in Northfield for a few hours for a few days?

I know you're all about family, Mike, especially around the holidays, but come on, Mike, sometimes you just have to get away, right? Come here, Mike! You'll be on the show, we'll order bagels and you can teach me how to hit a curve ball.

Mike, I've been asking you year after year. Isn't it time?

OK, I didn't want to have to do this Mike, but if you don't make it happen this year, I've got a plan B. It's Baker Mayfield. I know, he's not you, but he seems to have a lot of free time all of a sudden....


Joe Kelly

PS. Mike! You have my number!

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