Dear Brenda H.....

(I'm addressing this to Brenda because this video in question is posted on her public YouTube account.)

First, of all, Brenda, thanks for your posting of this video, it clearly shows that police officers' time is often wasted on stupid stuff.

Brenda, you posted this video, I guess, to show that somehow you were wronged by the police officers.

(NOTE: Brenda refers to the officers as "Bridgeton Cops" - they actually appear to be New Jersey State Police Officers.)

I'm guessing (because you didn't really explain it well) that the police were called because, on a roadway, you were blocking a postal vehicle's path to a mailbox.

Let's watch the video:

In the video, Brenda, you assert that you "have the right of way" because you're a "pedestrian."

OK, that is true in some instances. However, you can't just walk in the street and stop in front of vehicles. In or out of the roadway - make a decision!

To think that it's a "set-up" is the most comical part of this story. Do you really think the police of Bridgeton are targeting you? You seem to be a big pain in their a** and they probably would like to stay away from you. The problem is, you keep pushing yourself back in!

Brenda, did you really need to just stop in the street right there? You couldn't move three feet off the street? Clearly, you are baiting them!

Streets are built for CARS! Yes, you can be a pedestrian on the street, but you also need to respect CARS.

Dear Brenda, when the officer asked you nicely to pick up your stuff and go, why didn't you? He asked nicely. Do you really feel you have a "right" to that spot of the street?

It doesn't have to be a "law" that you're breaking for them to ask you to move. It's just a common decency human being thing. Really. Do you have to stand in front of someone's mailbox? At that moment in time, you just can't get out of the way?

Don't you think the police have better things to deal with than you blocking a mailbox - and then arguing about your right to be there. What are you trying to accomplish here?

Please, Brenda, we all have to live life with others. Once in a while, maybe think about those other humans you're sharing the earth with!


Joe Kelly.

PS. A big shout out to these officers for being professional and totally calm and collected.

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