Yes, I know that Olaf isn't an animal. That GIF doesn't count. It is one of the best days of the year in my book. I love summer, especially in South Jersey. We really shine in the summer and the sunshine has nothing to do with that. We have so much to offer in the summer.

Here are 10 animal GIFs that describe South Jersey on the first day of summer.


  • 1

    The first day of summer is a happy day

  • 2

    All you want to do is eat ice cream...

  • 3

    Or jump in a pool...

  • 4

    You may call your boss and say you're too sick to work

  • 5

    But really you are spending your day at the beach

  • 6

    Because that is your happy place

  • 7

    Then you realize how many Shoobies will be here

  • 8

    You think of all the things you want to do outside

  • 9

    And you can't wait to get this summer started

  • 10

    Summer in South Jersey is the best

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