As Halloween gets closer, you might want to check some supposedly haunted spots in South Jersey.

According to Haunted Places, these local landmarks are allegedly teaming with ghosts!

Elizabeth V. Edwards School - Barnegat Township

Hotel Macomber - Cape May

The Flanders Hotel - Ocean City - This is where I hosted my rehearsal dinner before my wedding!!  I didn't see any ghosts, btw)

Higbee Beach - Cape May

Ocean City Mansion - Ocean City

Sea Holly Inn - Cape May

Berry's Chapel - Quinton, Salem County

Hageman Farm - Franklin Township

Washington Inn - Cape May

Winterwood Gift Shop - Middle Township

Absecon Lighthouse - Atlantic City

Henry Ludlam Inn - Woodbine

Cape May Bunker - Cape May

And there are more!!  Lots more!  Scary....

I've been to a good handful of places on the list, but I've never experienced anything paranormal.  How about you?

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