Police in Atlantic City say they arrested a man walking down Atlantic Avenue with a shotgun concealed in his backpack.

Police say Monday evening they received a report of a man with a shotgun. Detective James Barrett of the Special Investigations Section talked with the witness and was able to obtain a good description of the man.

Officers then responded to the area and, "Officer Anthony Grajales located William Catrambone in the 1600 block of Atlantic Avenue. Catrambone matched the description provided by Detective Barrett and was carrying a black backpack. The bag contained a shotgun that was dismantled into two parts so it would fit. Catrambone was arrested without incident."

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Catrambone was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and a certain person not to possess a weapon. He's being held in the county jail.

No word on what Catrambone's intentions were with the shotgun.

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