What casino town is the most "sinful?"  Atlantic City or Las Vegas?

According to Trulia and using the Seven Deadly Sins (literally) as a measuring tool....  New Orleans is the most sinful city in America, however, Atlantic City came in second followed by Philadelphia in third place.

Las Vegas sits in eighth place.

NJ.com says that Trulia came up with their findings this way:

To come up with the list, the real estate estate website Trulia used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, FBI and Yelp, specifically the number of adult and entertainment venues for lust; the rates of obesity, drinking and smoking for gluttony; racing and gambling establishments versus charitable donations for greed; the number of residents who have not exercised in 30 days for sloth; violent crime per capita for wrath; the number of beauty salons, tanning salons and plastic surgery offices for pride; and inequality as measured by home listing prices for envy.

Oh and we also topped the "lust" list...

Source: Trulia

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