It seems like it's the main topic of conversation lately. You can't escape them. People love to talk about how expensive they are here in the Garden State right now. To be honest, they're not wrong.

I'm talking about eggs.

It's insane that some of us are currently paying 6+ bucks for a dozen and a half. Times certainly are crazy, people. So crazy, in fact, that many Jersey residents have expressed an interest in acquiring chickens so they don't have to worry about the cost of eggs rising ever again.

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It makes sense, right? Chickens are relatively cheap to purchase. Then, you're on your way to living a self-sustainable lifestyle. Cutting out the grocery store any way you can is the best way to do that. No arguments here.

Here's the thing, though. The Atlantic County SPCA recently released a PSA to make people aware of the fact that chickens aren't exactly the easiest to take care of. I think they make a great point. Chickens are animals just like cats and dogs. There will be injuries, illnesses, you name it. If you have some chickens running around, you'll have to decide whether they'll be in a coop or free range. Each route you take is bound to have its own set of problems.

They're absolutely right when they said that you can't compare owning chickens to having a fish. They are definitely NOT the same thing. Sure, you're on your way to self-sustainability, but you have to remember to care for the chickens just like you would any other pet.

They're living things, ya'll. You can't just start farming chickens without knowing how to properly care for them. Bottom line: think it through before you decide.

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