Police in Linwood have released photos of what they say is an attempted burglary and high-end vehicle theft.

Police say the incident happened at 420 am Sunday at a home on Woodlynne Boulevard in Linwood. Three masked suspects were observed attempting to break into the house on a home video. They were also observed searching for something outsidethe home - it's suspected they were looking for a hidden key for high-end vehicles that were parked in the home's garage.

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Police say the homeowners alerted police after watching the video shortly after they awoke Sunday morning. At least one of the suspects is seen on these photos from the surveillance vicdeo.

Linwood Police Department
Linwood Police Department

Police say these types of crimes are "trending in NJ and they may be targeting communities like ours to steal vehicles."

Linwood Police issued these guidelines to local residents:

We are asking our residents to take the following precautions regardless of what vehicle you drive:
1. Keep the keys to your vehicle away from the vehicle.
2. Just because your car is in the garage, it still needs to be locked.
3. Lock all windows and doors of your house and remove all hidden keys from the exterior of your property.
4. Avoid social media exposure with your vehicles.
If you have any information on the attempted burglary, you're urged to contact Linwood Police.
It was just days ago that Mantua Township Police reported the theft of two high end vehicles from a home in Gloucester County.


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