The stupid moves I've witnessed lately from people who appear to be adults are simply mind-blowing.

Recently, I've heard about the problems created by ATV riders who take to the streets in their vehicles. Over the last year, there have even been some bad traffic accidents in our area that were ATV-related.

Over the last several days, I witnessed some of these incidents myself.

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Late one afternoon, on the Black Horse Pike in Pleasantville, I sat in stopped traffic and watched a guy ride a wheelie on a 4-wheel ATV up and down the Pike. It was as if he was performing some sort of show. Traffic has to stop as he rode one way down the street, then he turned around and came back the other way. Not only was he endangering himself, but everyone else in a car in the vicinity.

The other incident I witnesses was 3 ATV riders on West Jersey Avenue in Egg Harbor Township. (Already this is one heck of a dangerous road.) These three guys were riding in a lane of traffic, substantially slowing everyone down. Cars bottled up behind them were attempting to pass them - in a no-passing zone on a two-lane road - as cars came in the opposite direction.

What is going on here? Why are these off-road riders being allowed to ride on roadways? Is this just another case of a terrible sense of entitlement?

This is more than a case of "you guys get off my lawn" - it's more of a dangerous situation.

Maybe it's time for local governments to act and increase the penalties for such behavior. Impounding their toys might be a good start - especially in the most extremely dangerous cases.

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