It's finally here. The day we've been waiting for over a year has finally arrived!

We're finally at day one of 2024's Barefoot Country Music Festival.

So, before you make your way to the beach -- and, don't worry, we want to see you as soon as you can -- you need to be made aware of what you can and can't bring into the concert with you.

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It's best if you take a good hard look at their Frequently Asked Questions page. You'd be surprised to know that there are a lot of things prohibited that you would be allowed to bring under different circumstances at different venues. For example, don't think you're bringing in a beach chair. If you've been to any of the concerts on South Jersey beaches before, then you probably already knew that. However, for all of the first-timers, leave the chair at home.... or at the rental house.

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Make sure you're also aware that you won't be allowed in if you have any umbrellas on you, either. It makes sense though, right? Stage view obstruction and all that. Still, you can bet that at least someone will have to chuck their beach umbrella in the trash this weekend. The chairs and the umbrella, however, aren't what we want to bring to your attention.

🚨🚨 You MAY NOT bring any bag onto the beach this weekend that isn't clear. All bags you intend on taking with you into the festival MUST be clear. If you need to head to the store to grab one, do it before everyone else figures that out and there aren't any left.

That's our big pro-tip to you for day 1. No doubt, we'll have more to come.

All the info you need for this weekend can be found HERE.

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