Perhaps some of out freshest young criminals minds thought society would be vulnerable at this time to their little crime spree.

They were wrong. Totally wrong.

Barnegat Police say overnight Tuesday night, residents in the Ocean Acres development alerted police of two people going though parked cars and trying door handles.

Barnegat Patrolman Rob Armstrong responded to the seen and saw the 15-year-old and 17-year-old, ordering them to stop. The two teens then fled on foot, which was another mistake. Apparently Patrolman Armstrong is a marathon runner, and a physical training instructor at the police academy.

After a foot pursuit, Armstrong was able to take both suspect into custody. He also recovered stolen property.

Barnegat Police ask that if you live in the Catalina Drive area and are missing items from your vehicle, you should contact police as soon as possible.

Police Chief Germain mentions, "This is probably a good time to mention that midnight shifts are not a good time to run from our officers. I’m pretty sure we have more collegiate football standouts and PT instructors per capita than any midnight shift around."


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