It may be an innocent act, but you could now be fined for releasing helium balloons in Atlantic City and a few other Jersey beach towns. 

According to a report by, AC is the latest town to join in the balloon ban, following neighboring beach towns Longport, Margate and Ventnor. Newsworks reports that following the final passage of the ban, there could be a hefty $500 fine for anyone caught releasing helium balloons outdoors.

Besides the fact that you are littering, you're also causing potential harm to local marine life. Sea turtles and whales are just some of the wildlife that this ban is trying to protect. Often times these animals mistake these balloons for food. It's also a risk to sea birds which can get caught in dangling balloon ribbons.

For more information on this action, check out Balloons Blow, a website that lists the states and countries where it's illegal to release any type of balloon.

Let's keep our beaches clean and wildlife safe!


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