Time to spring clean the beach.

The annual beach sweeps that usually take place on Ocean, Cape May, and Atlantic County's beaches returns after a lack of turn-out last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the sweeps are about to enter their 35th year, it's crucial that the beach clean-ups return.

For one, the efforts volunteers put in to beautify several of our beautiful beaches ensures they're ready and set for the next season to come. After all, summer 2021 is right around the corner. Secondly, it's essential for the ocean's critters. Everything from rope, fishing line, plastic, bottles, etc. are collected from the beach. The more junk collected by volunteers, the less that winds up making its way into the sea.

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The folks from the Clean Ocean Action organization tell NJ.com that there are plenty of volunteer slots still available for you to sign up for. The beach beautification day is set for Saturday, April 17th and will kick off between 9 and 10 a.m. depending on which beach you decide to volunteer at. Volunteers are asked to provide their own PPE as well as waste receptacles or whatever you plan on placing the junk you find into.

Clean Ocean Action is hoping for a resurgence in volunteers after reports show their efforts last year weren't met with much enthusiasm as their numbers dropped almost 25% from the year prior, no doubt due to the pandemic. This year, with all the progress that's been made, everyone is hopeful that those who were apprehensive last year will want to come back for 2021's first event.

Get all the details including how and where to sign up for your nearest beach sweep HERE.

Source: NJ.com 

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