Danny Eyer, a well known and beloved local musician from Absecon, was in an unfortunate car accident. He was driving home from work late in the evening and slipped off of the side of the road where his car tumbled three times before finally coming to a stop.

Thankfully, Danny's life has been spared in this very traumatizing accident; However, he suffered from 3 broken ribs, a sprain, a hematoma, two black eyes, and multiple contusions and cuts.

Credit: Jake Eyer via GoFundMe.com
Credit: Jake Eyer via GoFundMe.com

Outside of his physical injuries--Danny's car, guitar and most of his equipment is unsalvageable after the accident.  Though the friends, family, and fans of Danny feel beyond blessed that he is safe and taken great care of after an accident that could have nearly cost him his life, Danny has still lost so much considering Music is his life.

In which case, his supporters have started a GoFundMe page to raise as much as possible so he can continue to show his love and give back to those in the community through his talent in music. It's the hope that this support will inspire Danny to get back up on his feet to get back to his normal of gracing South Jersey with his music.

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