It looks like the days of cheap gas (the ONLY thing left in this state that's remotely "cheap") is all about to go away.

Tomorrow, the Senate and Assembly will vote on raising the gas tax by 23 cents PER GALLON.

So be prepared to pay more than the people living in Philadelphia pay at the pump.

***Eyes rolling***

As someone who commutes by car for my job, I'm sick about this vote.

Now, in return for screwing the hardworking people of the fine state of New Jersey, we get a sales tax break!!

Woo hoo!

Oh wait....

According to,

"...they would phase out the estate tax and decrease the sales tax - now 7 percent - by 3/8 of a percentage point, both by 2018."

3/8 of a percentage by 2018.....

***My eyes can't roll any harder***

What do you think of the gas tax?  Obviously, you know where I stand....