No doubt all of New Jersey's avid hunters were aware of this, but bear hunting was very much a thing in the state until very recently.

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Black bear hunting usually received the green light in the state up until this year. Reportedly, there will be no bear hunting in the state of New Jersey in 2021. This news has trickled down after the signature necessary for approval from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection was not received.

According to In Defense Of Animals, the DEP commissioner whose signature was required in order for the bear hunt to take place in New Jersey is not in favor of the annual bear hunt. Commissioner Shawn LaTourette is more in favor of bear population management that's non-lethal.

Of course, hunters will not be pleased with this decision; however, it looks as though little can be done to overturn the ruling for this year.

How the state plans to move forward with bear population control remains to be seen. In South Jersey alone over the last few years, bears have been spotted in backyards, parks, etc., all while moving from place to place at pretty speedy rates. People in both Atlantic and Gloucester counties have shared posts and videos to social media showing bears in their own backyards.

So, bear hunting is illegal now in Jersey. But can you own them as pets? Not likely. Check out these 12 animals that are illegal to own as pets in Jersey

While the thought of having a pet monkey or big cat sounds like you'd be living your best life, if you live in New Jersey, you might want to think again.

Even if you can't own bears, you can own some exotic pets in Jersey. Here's a list of 10 that are legal:

Who woulda thought?

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