While people are criticized for having their noses in their phones, more and more places are popping up to give unique experiences. More and more places are popping up to let people create with their hands. Between paint parties, create your own terrarium events, create your own pottery, etc. people are always looking for things to do with friends that have nothing to do with technology.

Hot Sand in Asbury Park lets people blow their own glass decorations. According to their site, "Hot Sand is passionate about educating the public on the world of glass in a public access forum. Scroll on down to see what you can make with our glassblowers."

They have a long list of projects for both adults and kids that are available year round. During the holiday season you can create some DIY decorations.

For the fall season, Halloween and Thanksgiving, people 9 and over can make their own glass pumpkin.


For Christmas you can make your very own blown glass ornament with a multicolor twisted design.


Hot Sand also sells pre-made glass pieces for both year round and seasonal decorations.