The Chief of the Bridgeton Police Department says nearly five months after 5-year-old Dulce Maria Alavez went missing, the case is still a “daily top priority” with his department and others.

Bridgeton Chief of Police Michael Gaimari Sr. says "Amid some negative social media posts and information posted by 'psychic investigators' from throughout the area and country", he wants the public to know investigators from his department, the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office, the New Jersey State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation meet and work together daily on the case.

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Here's more from a release from the Chief, posted on Facebook:

The Chief said investigators are involved in all facets of the investigation including technology, ground searches with and without canine assistance, review of exorbitant amounts of video, witness and potential witness interviews and are utilizing all the resources provided by the county, state, and federal missing person and child abduction units respectively.

He added that investigators have also followed up on several of “tips” being provided by psychics through personal contact or social media “only” when the information “may” have some “slight possible connection.” However he emphasized that following up on “random” information being provided by these individuals would take investigators away from legitimate avenues of investigation.

“Law enforcement understands that the lack of information on the whereabouts of Dulce or the definite circumstances surrounding her disappearance causes apprehension in the community and among those close to her and the family,” Gaimari said, “but we have to remain focused on the task at hand and rely on a factual-based investigation to attain an eventual conclusion.”

The Chief added that investigators are still receiving and following up on tips and leads on a daily basis but he warned about people falling prey to some of the erroneous and unsubstantiated information flowing through social media.

“It’s easy to post that police or the city or county or anyone is not doing enough when we have not located Dulce, and I understand,” the Chief added, “but I can assure you that all the agencies involved, inclusive of the City of Bridgeton Mayor Kelly and City Council are fully committed in resolving this investigation and have contributed all resources available, including substantial amounts of overtime for investigators throughout the past four months.”

The Chief reiterated that law enforcement will “not” conduct this investigation in the media, whether in the news or social and never have with any investigation. He said there have been more than 5,000 flyers posted or distributed in the community and the nature of the investigation has been updated regularly via the news media.

Investigators are still urging anyone with information that they may feel could be important to the investigation to contact local police.

“I still believe there is legitimate information out there that could help,” the Chief said, “and I’m urging those that have that information to contact us by calling or through TIP411 anonymous text line, subtext Bridgeton.”

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